Female Sexual Problems

There are too many factors that affect sexual health of woman and prevent her enjoying regular sexual activities. The quality of sex life enjoyed by a woman depends on her life style, age, hormones, mental and physical health, social wellbeing, individual differences etc. The most common sexual problems faced by women are loss of libido (low sexual desire), absent orgasm, painful intercourse, lack of orgasm etc.

The female sexual problems may largely affect their marital relationship if not taken seriously. The inability of women to satisfy her male partner may affect their love, intimacy and overall wellbeing.

The pain during sexual intercourse in women is called as Painful Intercourse. It can be due to Dyspaerunia or Vaginismus Dyspaerunia. This can be due to medical or psychological reasons. Nearly 10% women suffer from this problem. Many women experience painful intercourse at some point in their lives. The pain can occur before, during or after the sexual intercourse. It can exist anywhere in the genital area – the clitoris, labia, or vagina etc.
Vaginismus is a condition in which vaginal muscles contracts and becomes very tight so that penetration is virtually impossible. The contraction of the vagina is because of involuntary tightness of the vagina due to the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. In this condition sexual intercourse may be extremely painful, discomfort or may be impossible. Painful sex is the first sign that a woman has vaginismus.
When the desire for sex is below average the condition is called low sex desire. The inhibited sexual desire in women may cause dissatisfaction in their male partners. The factors causing the low sex drive in women are stress, growing age, psychological problems, relationship issues etc. Nearly 25% of the women suffer from loss of libido at some point of their lifetime. At our clinic, we analyse the woman’s problem deeply and help her to overcome from this problem through sexual counselling and medications.
Absent Orgasm is a condition in which women does not get sexual arousal even after prolonged sexual stimulation or sexual activity. Few women get sexual orgasm after a long sexual stimulation, which is known as inhibited orgasm. With absent orgasm a woman fails to enjoy sexual pleasure with her partner. The factors causing absent orgasm can be physical or psychologically originated. With proper treatment this problem can be overcome.
Sexual Intercourse is an enjoyable, pleasurable activity as everyone knows. But some women fail to get this excitement. It may be characterized by minimal vaginal lubrication or no lubrication. Some women feel intercourse painful and discomfort. The condition can be treated by knowing the root cause of the problem like whether it is mentally related or physically originated.
The lack of lubrication during sexual intercourse causes dryness of vagina. After the menopause it is a very common problem. Lubrication is a natural process to facilitate comfortable sexual activity. Many women experience vaginal dryness because they are sexually not aroused. The reasons for this may be inadequate foreplay, stress, anxiety and other psychological factors.
As everyone knows breast is real beautiful organ of the female body. The men get attracted to beautiful, well shaped and curvy breasts. Breast is also an organ which causes sexual stimulation in women. Breast Enlargement or breast augmentation is the process of increasing its size and changing the shape. It is a known fact that men love women who have large breasts. As a result of this many women who have small sized breast tend to increase their breasts size. Many women go for breast augmentation surgery which has many side effects and costly too.


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