Hot Tips for Wedding Night Sex

Your wedding night is one of the most beautiful and much-awaited night of your life. You are not only nervous, but also have a lot of expectations from your man. With so many things playing in your head, you are worried about the lovemaking that is to follow next. Worry not! We have put together some hot sex tips for you to make your wedding night memorable.

Don’t go overboard: We know you have been waiting for your wedding night for a while and want to try out new things just to make it right. But it’s better to stick to the rules and not go overboard. You can get experimental with sex, but it’s more important to get comfortable with your partner before you try something new.

Abstain from sexual activity a few weeks before your wedding: Imagine the tension building inside you when you opt to abstain from any sexual activity a few weeks before the wedding. The experience will feel all new and fresh when you finally make love on your wedding night. Watch your partner get all worked up just to get intimate with you

Get talking: If it is the first time for both the partners, then being nervous is justified. Talk to each other and get comfortable. Spend some quality time sharing anecdotes and jokes and once you feel that you are ready, go ahead with it. Lovemaking can be beautiful with increased comfort levels.

Just kiss: Wedding night is the night when you create the most beautiful memories. Don’t rush into having sex immediately and indulge in a long foreplay. Go ahead and kiss each other for maximum pleasure on your wedding night. The seduction will be mind-blowing for sure.

Let him undress you: Be it a wedding gown with beautiful pearl buttons or a traditional lehenga with an ornate dupatta, let him help you out of it. Undressing you on the wedding night is a seduction in itself and the sex that will follow will be great.

Romantic vows: Sex on your wedding night is not complete without enough romance. And what better way than reading out your vows to one another once again? Take your mind off sex and tell him how you fell for him. Gifts, music and flowers are just add-ons, the real deal is your love for this man.

Scent of love: Wear his favourite perfume on areas where he is bound to kiss you. You can actually make him go crazy with every whiff. Do remember to dab some of it on the sheets and his pillow so that he is engulfed by your scent and cannot stay away from you.

Take it slow: The wait to finally spending some time alone with the man you just wed can be frustrating. And so most of you’d tend to jump the gun when it comes to wedding night sex. But guess what? The best foreplay is when you take it really slow. The agony of waiting can add to the pleasure actually. You are sure to enjoy the pleasure when the real thing starts.

Treasure hunt time: Once alone on your wedding night, play a little game to increase the foreplay time. Hide naughty gifts all around the room and leave clues for him to to find them. It can be anything – a sexy negligee or handcuffs or even a bottle of wine. Grant him wishes as he finds the gifts and agree to do all the naughty things he desires.

Scribble naughty things on your body:

Write dirty things on your body that only he can read on the wedding night. In your words, tell him that every part of your body belongs to him or things you want him to do to you. He will be very very turned on and the sex mind blowing!


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