Sex Positions for Every Mood

Angry Mood

Sex position: The shower stand position
If you’ve had a bad day at work and you want to vent it out, just get into the shower with your man. Face him, hold him with all your might and then wrap one of your legs around his waist and let his penis enter you. Use your hand to scratch him and your teeth to bite his neck. Of course, don’t be too harsh; after all you’re not angry with him.
ication is the key to great first time sex. The 69 position ensures that this happens. Stimulate each other long enough with oral sex, and then let your man change his angle and enter you as you lift your legs in the air. It will be a night to remember.

Dominating Mood

Sex position: Woman on top

What better way to dominate your man than with this position? This sex position gives you the power of control and guys luuuvv it too! Let him lie down on the bed, get on top of him, and well, you surely know what your next move will be! You can even slap him around a little for fun.

Experimental Mood

Sex position: Wheelbarrow

Lie face down at the edge of your bed and let him stand in between your legs. Bend your legs upwards and let him hold your thighs. He will enter you from behind as he stands and you remain lying down. It gives him a clear view of you, increasing his pleasure and yours.

Horny Mood

Sex position: Doggy style

So you don’t really like it doggy style. But hey you’re horny, right? And what better way to give in to his demands when you’re feeling like getting it on hot and heavy. Not only will he do all the work but you can get him to fondle your breasts and play with your nipples when he’s doing his ‘animal’ act.

Kinky Mood

Sex position: The cheeky couch position

Get him to sit on a couch. Straddle his lap with your legs apart and your knees bent up against his chest. Slowly lean back (on his thighs) so you’re almost upside down with your arms stretched behind you (all the way to the floor for support and balance). And then start thrusting, you silly kink-birds!

Submissive Mood

Sex position: Missionary

This list would have been incomplete without this position. Whenever you feel low, or feel like you need your man to take control of your life, try this position. After all, men love to take the reins in their own hands. And with this position he’ll have his hands full.

Naughty Mood

Sex position: The lap dance position

The lap dance position is perfect for you if you’re in a mischievous mood. Facing your back to your man, stand/sit against him, while he rests against the couch, table, bath tub or kitchen platform.

No Mood

Well, when you’re in no mood, you don’t have to have sex. But that doesn’t mean you can’t kiss and cuddle. Make use of your ‘off’ mood to become a better kisser. French kissing, deep throat kissing… try all type of kisses that will alleviate your mood.

Romantic Mood

Sex position: Face to face

Both of you need to kneel on a bed, facing each other. It’s the ‘erect’ version of the classic Missionary position, but promises more intimacy.

Whether you’re in a romantic mood, kinky mood or even in an angry mood; here are some hot sex positions to match your frame of mind. Try them out to take your sex life up a notch and make your nookie time more intense.


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