Top Sex Positions

The Best Sex Position for Conceiving: The Missionary Sex Position

The missionary sex position is the most popular sex position, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s the position that most recommend using when trying to conceive. It allows for deep penetration, getting the sperm closer to the cervix, and when the woman lies on her back it is the perfect angle to help the little guys swim downwards.



Use Gravity: The Deep Stick Sex Position

You want the sperm to travel down towards your uterus. Give the little fella’s a helping hand but placing a pillow under your backside to raise yourself up while in the missionary sex postition. It may be helpfull for you to get rid of following problemstreatment for premature ejaculation in chennai, treatment for impotence in chennai, treatment for infertility in chennai, treatment for sexual problem in chennai. If you are flexible, try altering the missionary position by lifting your legs onto your partner’s shoulders, which will lift you up even more. This is called the Deep Stick sex position, because it allows for even deeper penetration, and is the optimum position for utilising gravity.

Standing Ovation Sex Position

The Standing Ovation sex position allows intimacy as he is able to touch every part of you and worship you as the goddess you are! A great position for the shower.




Butterfly Sex Position

The Butterfly Position is one that should be explored in as many places as possible; the edge of the bed, the edge of a table…anywhere you can find!




Dancer Sex Position

The Dancer Sex Position is a highly erotic one for both of you, as you get to stare into each other’s eyes as you’re having sex.





Deep Stick Sex Position

The Deep Stick Sex Position is a wonderful one to try if you want very deep, very hard penetration.





Slow Dance Sex Position

The Slow Dance Sex Position is a hugely erotic one – both standing up and looking into each other’s eyes is always a good thing to do!

Role play can be a wonderful way to spice things up the bedroom. If you’re both in character your inhibitions will be less, and you’ll be able to do more of those filthy things that you’ve always dreamed of.



Missionary Sex Position

The Missionary position is one of the most common positions, and is a wonderful one for intimacy and simplicity.

Exercising can often hugely help your sex lives, as you get endorphins flowing and you often feel a lot better about yourself when you’re getting regular exercise. Try it for a couple of weeks and see what a difference it makes!


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